Monday, May 4, 2009

Look who's back on the bike!!!

So, Sunday was Kevin's first day back on the bike after he broke his femur back in February. He promised me that he wouldn't ride until May, and he definitely held true to his promise, (kind of surprising I know! ha ha) We arrived at the Tooele track around Noon and didn't leave until about 4! It was a long day and he definitely got his fill of riding. He was so excited to ride again and he did so well! I was very proud of how careful he was his first couple of laps around, and then he picked it up and even jumped the 90 footer! It is amazing to me that after such a long break from riding, and a surgery he got back on and looked just like he had never left! I must admit that I was a little nervous at first, but once I saw him take off I was so excited for him, and that he was back doing what he loves to do... I was a little hard to pick him out from the other riders because he looks so different, the numbers are gone from his bike, and he is in different gear, which is now red and white instead of dark grey, and he is in a different helmet as well. (His old helmet and gear didn't make it through the wreck!) I is great to see him back on the bike! It is proof that he is getting better, and has made a very impressive recovery!


Last weekend we got to go to Rice Eccles Stadium for Supercross. It was so much fun, even though it was freezing and rainy, every single race had a really great battle going on! And of course in the 450 Main BUBBA STEWART WON! It set everything up perfectly for Vegas where he once again took the number 1 plate! Way to go Bubba! Kevin got to meet quite a few riders and was very excited about that! Here are a few pics from our fun filled Saturday...

KEvin with Mike Metzger... One of the greatest freestyle riders, and also one of the nicest guys in the sport!!!

Kevin and his favorite racer... Yes this is the James "Bubba" Stewart... Once again the holder of the #1 red plate!!! (That means he's the best!)

Ryan Villopoto from behind, getting ready to head out to practice. He actually took first place in Vegas, Kevin says he is going to be really good in the outdoors this year, so we'll see!!!