Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kevin's Accident

Saturday was a pretty hard day for us! During Kevin's LCQ race up in Heber there was an accident. As he went off the jump, on his way to moving into first place, his and the other guy's bikes hit in the air. This sent Kevin's bike all funny and he ended up wrecking. He pretty much got shot over the bars and hit the ground, the bike came tumbling after and just drilled into him. As I was watching I knew something was wrong because he wasn't getting up, and Kevin ALWAYS gets up! I ran out onto the track, he just kept saying "It's broken, I know it!" and yes he was correct! He definitely had a broken femur! The EMTs put traction on it and ended up stretching his leg 4 INCHES!!! He got an ambulance ride to the Heber Valley Medical Center. There he got some x rays to inspect the damage. The break was very clean, and right in the middle of the bone (which is a great place, because it's not too close to the hip, and not too close to the knee) so for as bad as it was, it couldn't have been any better! We got a consult from Dr. Gordan Olsen, the orthopedic surgeon and set the surgery for 8:30 A.M. on Sunday morning. The surgery went great, and Dr. Olsen said that there wasn't even that much blood loss. Kevin ended up getting a nice rod through his bone and 2 screws to hold it in place, one just below the hip and one just above the knee... and then a bunch of staples to put the skin back together. Kevin was finally released from the hospital at about 8:30 P.M. on Tuesday night. He is now safely tucked away at his parents house for a day or two before he braves the stairs up to our apartment. Thanks to everyone for your love and support! It means a ton to us!

Here is the x ray of his leg, pre surgery.

Right after surgery in his "cute, fluffy" blue surgery hat.
After they brought him back to the room he was so doped up he asked me "I just don't get why they wouldn't let you bring your camera in there with me!!!" Ha ha it was so funny!

Here are the staples. The big set is from where they put the rod in, the smaller sets are where they put in the screw to hold the rod in place. There are also a couple small sets of staples down above his knee where the other screw was put in. The screws hold the rod in place.

Just one of the many patches of road rash. He also has his arms all bandaged up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Treatment

So... Last night I had my first laser treatment. Ha ha it was a rather interesting experience. When I went in for my consult and to sign the papers I was told to let the hair grow out for about a week so they could take pictures on my first treatment to kind of document everything... so I went in with really nasty hairy pits! So, the lady took pictures, THEN proceeded to SHAVE MY PITS! Needless to say it was a tad awkward! Kevin was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair! OH and did I mention my arm pits are VERY ticklish, so I am laughing as she is rubbing them with all the goop, then KEVIN just has to say to her, "careful if Megan gets laughing too hard she will snort!" I really couldn't believe he said that! (actually yes I can!)

So after she goops up the skin she has us put on some great looking glasses. Then came the painful part... the LASER! duh duh duh. They blow VERY cold air on the area as they laser it. I didn't look at the laser but Kevin described it as looking like the hand held scanner gun that they use at the grocery store. So she places it to the skin, and when she pushes the little button it feels like a needle going onto your skin, and then there is a surge of electricity that runs through your muscle... OWIE! The pain is bearable but I am definitely glad that the treatments are 8 weeks apart! But as for today, there is no pain... supposedly the pain that I would be feeling is comparable to that of a sunburn... Ha ha what an experience!

ALSO for anyone who is interested Kevin will be racing this weekend in Heber at the Wasatch County Events Center. The actual races begin at 5:00 Saturday night, but we will be there ALL DAY! So give me a call and stop on by and keep me company! ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

For the Superbowl we went to Kevin's aunt Jackie's and Wiggins' house. We had a lot of fun! It was great to see Jackie, Wiggins, Cole and Jess! Jess is looking cute with her little baby girl bump. Everyone had fun with the 3D glasses, but of course I didn't take the camera! The guys stayed glued to the TV for the whole game and us girls had a fun time hanging out around the kitchen enjoying some "girl talk". It was a fun night! Thanks everyone!