Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Have a Name!

Kevin and I have chosen a name for our little boy! I am very pleased and surprised that we were able to come up with a name that we both love and think will serve our little man well. KAEL THOMAS RIKLI. After thumbing through the BIG book of baby names and each of us throwing out pretty much every name that even crossed our minds, I just randomly threw Kael out there one day while we were in the car and... it stuck, we were not able to find anything that we loved more. We decided to spell Kael with a K, like Kevin and we also chose to give him his Daddy's middle name Thomas and then of course Rikli was pretty much a given :) I cannot wait to hold my little boy in my arms and just hug and kiss him! Monday marked 21 weeks in my pregnancy, I am HALF WAY and counting!!!! I feel little Kael moving all the time and it is the most amazing feeling in the world, it brings the biggest smile to my face. For now we are going to focus on moving, and of course continue preparing to meet our sweet baby boy Kael in January.

Friday, August 13, 2010

For All Those of You That Voted For a GIRL...

I am sorry to say... YOU LOSE!!! :) We went to our 18 week ultrasound appointment on Wednesday night where Dr. Colby told us that we are having a BOY!!! We are sooo excited, and we are having a ton of fun shopping and getting ready to welcome our LITTLE MAN into the world in January. We got a DVD of our ultrasound that we have been watching every night, we love to see our CUTE little baby in there rolling around and being crazy! We are already such proud parents and have so much love for our little boy!