Thursday, December 30, 2010

38 Week Check Up

I went to the doctor on Monday and got checked. I measured exactly 38 cm so I am still on target there. I was dialated to a 3! My doctor said that he did not think that I would make it through the week to my next appointment, but three days later I am still here. With all the snow that has been falling everywhere I am worried that if I did go into labor that my parents would not be able to make it down in time... I just really want my baby! I am ready, my bag is packed and we are just hanging out until our little guy decides that it is finally time to make his grand entrance into the world.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

37 Weeks and 3 days

Well I have almost hit 38 weeks. I am feeling VERY huge and VERY uncomfortable. I will be going back to the doctor on the 27th. I am hoping that he will have some good news for me! I am more than okay with waiting until my due date to pop this little guy out, but I REALLY do not want to go over... I have had such an easy pregnancy but I am just done. I try not to complain (even though this whole post has been me complaining) but this little boy just has no more room in there, and I feel like I can not stretch any more. Baby Kael is constantly in my ribs and it is very painful and hard to sleep.

We are getting closer and closer to having everything ready for the arrival of our little boy, his room is so close to being done, just need some bedding and to get everything hung on the walls. I have his bag packed for the hospital. Kevin has been drilling me and drilling me to get some bags packed becasue he has been so worried that we will not be prepared for when "IT" happens. I am just such a huge slacker, but I am happy that Kevin is so anxious for our baby to get here. Kevin will be such a great dad and I can't wait to see him with our baby.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

35 Weeks and Counting

So tomorrow 12/6 marks 35 weeks in my pregnancy, WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!! I went to the doctor on Friday, everything is checking out great. My belly is measuring at 35 cm and baby's head is pointed down, heartbeat is normal at 140 beats per minute. The doc did an exam and I am dilated to a ONE!!! I know that is not hugely amazing, and I do realize that I could stay at a 1 for weeks, but to us it was huge news and so exciting! I am still feeling pretty good, I am still working full time and going about my normal daily routine, but lately I have been ready for bed at about the second I walk through the door at night. And there is the fact that my face and fingers just keep getting fatter and fatter! As easy and sick-free as my pregnancy has been I am so excited for it to be over with!

Kevin's 25th and Thanksgiving.

So I have been hugely slacking on posting lately. There seems to be so much going on right now, I feel like I am running around like a "fat, stuffed" chicken with its head cut off.

We celebrated Kevin's 25th birthday in November. On the night of his birthday we went to dinner with is parents and Grandpa Derrall at the Porcupine. I love the Porcupine and it is always nice to have an excuse to go there and eat. If you have never been I really reccommend it! Then we had Thanksgiving. We were with Kevin's family this year and had a great dinner at Susan and Stuart's house. It was nice being able to just hang out, have some great food and watch some football. On Friday, for the first time ever I got Kevin to hit the Black Friday sales with me. We made a fabulous investment, we bought a Canon Rebel T2i camera! We have been snapping some great pics and having a lot of fun learning how to use it. We are so excited to have a super nice camera for when our baby boy gets here, I am sure that we will be taking more pictures than ever then. To finish off the fabulous week of food and family we headed up to Heber on Sunday night to celebrate Kevin's birthday with my family. My dad made him an awesome Tigger cake... Oh if I were only half as good of a cake decorater as my dad is!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Week Update

Today, thanks to my amazing Parents and Grandma Patsy, I ordered our little guy's crib and changing table. We (mostly Kevin) have been working really hard lately on getting the baby's room all painted so we can get the furniture set up and everything ready to go.I hit 30 weeks yesterday and the anxiety has really hit me that this little boy will be here before we know it. I am sooooo excited and can't wait to meet my little Kaelster, but I am also freaking out a little bit and worrying that things aren't going to be ready for him... With only 10 weeks to go and the Holidays FAST approaching, I feel like I am always a step behind.

The first 30 weeks of pregnancy have been good to me. I have not been sick except for the nightly heartburn that I get, I have not been too grouchy (at least this is my opinion, you can ask Kevin what he thinks about that) and I have been able to keep working just fine and not get TOO worn out. I have an appointment with the Dr tomorrow to do the blood tests for diabetes. I will start going to the Dr every 2 weeks now.

We are so excited for our little boy to get here! I will post pictures of the finished nursery HOPEFULLY very soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Am Feeling It Now!!!

I have now hit the 25 week mark in my pregnancy, and I am starting to actually FEEL pregnant. There have been some big changes in the past few weeks

1. I have not been able to wear my contacts since about week 18, they give me MAJOR headaches. I read in my book that the shape of your eyes can actually change during pregnancy... so I have been wearing my glasses for what seems like FOREVER.

2. I am now wearing maternity pants 100% of the time. Up until about a week or two ago I was still wearing my normal jeans, with the top button undone of course and I was also still wearing a pair of normal work pants. I finally got to the point where I had to break down and just go and buy some.

3. I FEEL HUGE!!! My tummy is growing right on target, but let me tell you I feel like I should burst any day! My waist line is definitely GONE!!!

4. I cannot get comfortable at bed time. I toss and turn for what seems like forever, get comfortable for a few minutes and then toss and turn some more.

5. The burning pain in my throat is terrible. I don't know if this is like a type of heartburn or some sort of acid reflux, but it's coming back every night and it really hurts.

I am sure this seems like I am complaining a ton, but in all honesty this pregnancy has pretty much been a breeze and the ups have DEFINITELY been better than the downs! I am so happy to be carrying this little boy around and I can't wait until he gets here! We are definitely on the down hill stretch and I am sure that he will be here before we know it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 23 Dr. Visit

Yesterday I had my 23rd week Dr. appointment. Dr. Colby took measurements of my tummy, I measured at 24 cm and he also listened to Baby Kael's heartbeat which was normal at 145 beats per minute. It took the Dr. a minute to find the heartbeat because Kael was moving around and kicking so much. It was funny because he would find the heart beat and then it would be over powered by a big thump of a kick, it was pretty funny! I am so excited to be at 23 weeks already and I am hoping that the next 17 weeks go by fast because we are so excited to meet our little boy!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We Have a Name!

Kevin and I have chosen a name for our little boy! I am very pleased and surprised that we were able to come up with a name that we both love and think will serve our little man well. KAEL THOMAS RIKLI. After thumbing through the BIG book of baby names and each of us throwing out pretty much every name that even crossed our minds, I just randomly threw Kael out there one day while we were in the car and... it stuck, we were not able to find anything that we loved more. We decided to spell Kael with a K, like Kevin and we also chose to give him his Daddy's middle name Thomas and then of course Rikli was pretty much a given :) I cannot wait to hold my little boy in my arms and just hug and kiss him! Monday marked 21 weeks in my pregnancy, I am HALF WAY and counting!!!! I feel little Kael moving all the time and it is the most amazing feeling in the world, it brings the biggest smile to my face. For now we are going to focus on moving, and of course continue preparing to meet our sweet baby boy Kael in January.

Friday, August 13, 2010

For All Those of You That Voted For a GIRL...

I am sorry to say... YOU LOSE!!! :) We went to our 18 week ultrasound appointment on Wednesday night where Dr. Colby told us that we are having a BOY!!! We are sooo excited, and we are having a ton of fun shopping and getting ready to welcome our LITTLE MAN into the world in January. We got a DVD of our ultrasound that we have been watching every night, we love to see our CUTE little baby in there rolling around and being crazy! We are already such proud parents and have so much love for our little boy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

16 Week Appointment

Last night Kevin and I went to my 16 week doctor appointment. I really can't believe that 4 months has already gone by, in some ways it has gone by sooo fast and in other ways it feels like years ago that we found out that I was pregnant. At my last appointment (12 weeks) the Dr. Colby said that I had gained 3 pounds, which he said was pretty normal, at this weigh in I was still at that same weight, which surprised both Kevin and I since I really do eat a lot of treats :) which I often get scolded for by Kevin. My tummy is measuring at 16 cm which is normal, since you are supposed to grow about a cm a week. We got to listed to our baby's heartbeat, it was normal at 155 beats per minute. After the heartbeat came the BEST NEWS!!!! We get to go back and find out what our baby is in 2 WEEKS!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I know that they will probably go by sooo slow but I really wish that the 2 weeks would FLY BY! Ugh the anticipation is going to KILL both Kevin and I. So just a heads up, if you haven't voted for what you think our baby will be you better get your votes in quick because AUGUST 11th is the day!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anxiety and No Sleep

Okay, all of you Moms... I am in need of some advice. Lately I have been having really bad anxiety at night. I had never had anxiety before I got pregnant, there is nothing worse than anxiety! I hate when I get it, and I dread getting it. I have also not been able to sleep very well. If I am lucky enough to fall asleep early then I wake up after a couple of hours and then can't get back to sleep. Or if I try to go to bed a bit later I have the hardest time getting comfortable and actually falling asleep. Did any of you have problems like these? Do any of you have any tricks, or am I just going to have to suck it up for the next 5 months and get used to it?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who Voted for What?

Hey everyone! My dear husband is VERY convinced that our baby is a boy... I honestly have NO IDEA. I have heard from a lot of women over the years, including some of you, say that you pretty much knew what you were having. I have not had any feelings like that, yet anyway. But, the entire point of this post is... If you happened to vote on what you think our baby is, will you please leave me a comment and let me know what you voted for? It will put Kevin at ease to know which of you are "on his side" thanks a million! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ridin' In Style

This is the stroller and car seat that we just bought for our baby. Baby Trend Expedition ELX Travel System.

Selling points for Megan: Good safety ratings. The car seat is rated up to 30 pounds, not just 22 like most car seats. Jogging stroller. Easy to fold up and down. BIG storage basket. Jogger rides really smooth and turns very easily. Cute and trendy color that would work and be cute for a baby boy Rikli or a baby girl Rikli. You get a lot for your money with this system. Great ratings from parents who have it. Great recommendations on the system from Jess, who's opinion I always ask for and appreciate! :)

Megan's doubts: Too bright? Too much green?

Selling points for Kevin: The jogger has speakers and you can plug your I POD or phone right in!

Kevin's doubts: NONE. HELLO!!! It has speakers and you can plug your I POD or phone right in!

Let me know what you all think about it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess What?!?

Our sweet little boy or girl is due in January. We have never been more anxious for the summer to be over and cold weather to return :)

We have had two ultrasounds so far, the first we did not see much, we thought that I was 7 weeks along at the time, but when we had the ultrasound the doctor told me that I was only 5 weeks. We had another ultrasound at 7 weeks and were able to see a little bit more. I went to the doctor again last night and heard the heartbeat! It was the best little sound that I have ever heard! We are so excited to be having a baby! We cannot wait for this little bundle to arrive and to begin this new and exciting chapter in our lives! This baby is a first for many, our first baby, first grand baby for both my parents and Kevin's parents, first niece or nephew for each of our siblings and first great grand baby for my grandma... Everyone is so excited and it has been such a great experience to have so much love and support. Thanks to everyone for all the love!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would You Rather...?

I have decided that I would MUCH RATHER drive in the snow than in the rain! I know that to most of you this sounds really weird... but driving in the rain really scares me! I would much rather be sliding on a slippery snowy road and feel a bit in control than be hydroplaning and having the water pull you around! While I was driving home last night everything was going pretty okay UNTIL I hit I-215, it is the WORST olace to be driving in the rain, because there is always a ton of standing water. It was raining so hard last night that there was standing water built up not only in the far left lane but also in the middle lane. I hated it! Take my advise, if you are ever driving in a rain storm... AVOID THE 215!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grandma Phyllis 1913-2010

I am sad to say that on Monday February 1, 2010 Kevin's Great Grandmother passed away. She would have been 97 on Februaury 10th. She was a wonderful and sweet woman and I am so happy that I was able to get to know her over the years that I have been with Kevin. She will be greatly missed, but we are happy that she is at peace and out of pain. We love you Grandma Phyllis!